Our 2018 consultation gave us literally hundreds of ideas of what people wanted the future of Kirkintilloch to look like, everyone, yes everyone – young and old – told us they wanted to see Cinema back in Kirky. That’s a long road for us to travel, but pre-Covid we ran a number of really successful events. We partnered with Regional Screen Scotland and IndyCinema to build a programme of Cinema in the town.
Post Covid we have went a little smaller and are gradually working our way back up. We’re aiming high – seeking to bring a proper cinema experience with relatively new release films. Our first event on October 12th 2019 was a tremendous success. We sold out 600 tickets for Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Downton Abbey.

Our video of the day:

Last year we received funding from Filmhub Scotland to deliver more bespoke screenings in the community. Our plan was to develop community screenings for those who find it harder to access mainstream cinema and to develop more cultural screenings for the wider community.
We brought nine months of bespoke screenings to Kirky, with a Dementia Friendly screening the 3rd Friday of every month and a Baby Friendly screening the last Tuesday of every month. We intend to extend this program to include our ASN, LGBTQIA and BAME communities and continue this until the end of 2023 and beyond.
We have purchased our own cinema equipment and are interested in partnering with organisations to deliver cinema to as many people as possible.

Our next showings are yet to be confirmed as we are on summer break. We hope to have a permanent venue by the end of this year.

Interested in getting involved to bring Cinema back to Kirky?

From film media students to folk wanting to see the ‘talkies’ back in town we need all sorts of people to help. Project managers, funding experts, ice cream sellers or ticket touts – if you want to get involved with running and developing our cinema programme, or any of our current projects.

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