Our Lives In The Time Of COVID

The pandemic affected us all in different ways. Your Kirky aimed to document what this meant for our community in Kirkintilloch using photography. The digital age sees more photo taken and shared than ever before. We want to use people’s photos to tell their story of ”Our Lives In The Time Of Covid”.

During the early part of 2021, over 8-weeks, we collected photos taken by members of the community, Each fortnight had a theme related to the pandemic.

Fortnight 1 (15th – 28th Feb): Our Lives in the Time Of Covid – Lockdown

Fortnight 2 (1st – 14th Mar): Our Lives in the Time of Covid – What’s helped me?

Fortnight 3 (15th – 28th Mar): Our Lives in the Time Of Covid – Kindness

Fortnight 4 (29th Mar – 11th Apr): Our Lives in the Time Of Covid – New Beginnings/Hope

We then used all of the photos as thumbnails, then put them together to create large-scale iconic images of Kirkintilloch. Using peoples own stories captured into images of our town.

These large-scale images are now displayed in Townhead Square Community Space.

So go on down and have a look; and if you submitted a photo you’ll have fun trying to find it on the large boards!

(Photos coming soon)