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Regent Gardens is the ‘Heart of our Town’. And redesigning it was first mentioned in the Kirkintilloch Masterplan in 2013. We want to keep people at the heart of everything we do, so to achieve the ambition to redevelop Regent Gardens and give the community a space that’s fit for the next 25 years, we needed people to have their say…

Since 2019 we’ve been working with the community, finding out how people would like to see this space shaped for the future. Our first round of consultation had around 1,400 responses overall – an amazing demonstration of a community having it’s say…

Results can be found here

Unfortunately the pandemic delayed our plans a little but in 2021 we moved forward to the next stage… Using all the initial feedback, we worked with East Dunbartonshire Council and a team of designers to develop a concept design for consultation.

This design includes:

  • A flatter, green, more flexible central space for events
  • Proposals for a semi-permanent canopy
  • Enhanced seating and informal play area in the lower half of the gardens
  • A reduced speed, traffic-calmed approach to Union Street
  • Enhanced links to Peel Park and Kirkintilloch Town Hall
  • Better showcasing of Kirkintilloch’s heritage
  • Opportunities for further development in the future

A video on the redesign was created and further consultation carried out.

Regent Gardens Redevelopment Consultation

The second stage results can be viewed here.

This final stage of consultation was then used to create a final design to take forward a new look Regent Gardens. It is hoped that the project will be completed by 2023.

Redesigning Regent Gardens is delivered in partnership with:

East Dunbartonshire Council


Pick Everard

Kevin Murray Associates/Willie Miller Urban Design


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