Our Vision

Imagine a Kirkintilloch where the community is at the heart..

A vibrant town – where people want to shop, meet and eat.

Where the town is a focal point for the community and people can easily take part in what’s going on. A town known for its rich heritage and well-used and maintained open spaces. A town accessible and used by everyone. This is a vision we all want, and was the vision shaped from what you all told us in the Community Consultation we carried out early in 2018.


We got literally hundreds of ideas – so there’s lots to be done. Our Projects Pages describe just a few of the things that we’ve done or are trying to do.

You can read about our consultation and see our full action plan here

If you’d like to get involved with any of our current projects  or volunteer to help at events then sign up today and pledge your support at contactyourkirky@gmail.com

So how can you help? A successful consultation is one thing. Turning the desire for change within the community into results is another. Together we can make this vision a reality. But that’s going to take a bit of time and lots of effort by all sorts of people, groups and organisations. It’s not just down to East Dunbartonshire Council or other organisations to deliver this. It’s down to us all.

All sorts of things are happening in our town, but we’ll need lots more support if we are really going to change things for the better. Much of what came out the consultation can be achieved by people giving up a little bit of time or using some of the skills they have to benefit us all. Even more simply though, some of this can be delivered by everyone trying to Love Kirky a little bit more, and thinking about how their everyday actions impact upon others. Real power and change can be achieved through everyone working together.

Love Kirky is all about that idea. We’d love to achieve some common goals for people who live, work or visit Kirkintilloch. For instance, too much litter and dog fouling are things we can all change. Trying to shop local is something we can all do. And that’s just a start. We want to challenge everyone to Love Kirky a little bit more.

Why wait? Contact us today and get involved to help create a better town for us all.



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