Our Lives in the Time of Covid

Get on your phone, camera or tablet and help tell Kirkintilloch’s story…

Photo Story Image

The pandemic affects us all. Your Kirky wants to document what this has meant for our community in Kirkintilloch using photography. The digital age sees more photos taken and shared than ever before. We want to use your photos to tell the story of “Our Lives in the Time of Covid”.

Over 8-weeks, Your Kirky will collect photos taken by members of the community. It’s not about being a brilliant photographer – it’s about using a photo to tell what Covid has meant to you. Each fortnight will have a theme related to the pandemic:

Fortnight 1 (15th Feb to 28th Feb): Our Lives in the Time of Covid – Lockdown
Fortnight 2 (1st Mar to 14th Mar): Our Lives in the Time of Covid – What’s helped me?
Fortnight 3 (15th Mar to 28th Mar): Our Lives in the Time of Covid – Kindness
Fortnight 4 (29th Mar to 11th Apr): Our Lives in the Time of Covid – New Beginnings/Hope

But we need your help to take the photos and we need as many photos as possible. Please send us your photos, you’re not limited to one entry. Send photos to:


We will then use all the photos (provided they’re not offensive), and then put them together to create large-scale iconic images of Kirkintilloch. Your own stories captured into images of our town. These large-scale images will be displayed in the centre of town, and so you’ll all be able to have fun trying to find your photo in the larger image once it’s complete…

To provide a little inspiration we’ll highlight “Photos of the Fortnight” as we go along on our social media. So keep your eyes peeled for your photo!

Age categories are:
Under 12s/Primary School
12 to 18/Secondary School
18 to 39
40 to 65
Over 65s

Send your entries by email to kirkyphotostory@gmail.com and put the theme in the subject line e.g. Lockdown, What helps me? etc
And please include your age category, and your name or alias, and school, if you wish for these to appear on any featured images. If you don’t want to include your name, that’s okay but please let us know which age category you are in.

So go on. Get on your phone, camera or tablet and help tell Kirkintilloch’s story.
“Our Lives in the Time of Covid.”